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COLOR “THERAPY” FOR KIDS This is for parents and other adults seeking new ways to help children of all ages-including those with serious physical or emotional issues-be healthier and happier through the use of color "therapy" and other natural remedies.

It offers options for all families, with the understanding that each family and child may respond more readily to a particular technique or practice over another. Through its holistic and proactive parenting principles, readers will discover how to be better? catalysts for health, healing, and better relationships.

Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG masterfully navigates two worlds of color. As an international, award-winning interior designer and colorist, she helps businesses to drive sales with color. As a Color Therapy expert and Energy Medicine healer, she utilizes color to empower others to heal themselves and their families.

Denise is the founder and CEO of the Color Turners, a full-service color and design forecasting, product development, marketing and strategic communication consulting firm based in Los Angeles, whose mission is to turn the art of color into profit.